Published 5 Jan 2016

A Happy man is the only one who makes others happy. Zarathustra. The lack of human knowledge is a vital source of all his problems and diseases. Have you ever asked yourself why so many smart people with higher education in various fields, unhappy in his personal life, experiencing illness, and poverty, and their standard of living is often the same as those who have no education?

Ancient wisdom says,who owns the information - owns the world.

  1. But if they have knowledge, why do not they help and work?
  2. Why are ineffective and do not provide answers to many questions?
  3. Does Happiness is the amount of money?
  4. How to choose a partner for life?
  5. How to revive, preserve and multiply the love?
  6. How to achieve your goal?
  7. Are there any universal knowledge, or the so-called key to the answer to our questions?

The answer is clear: yes, there are!
We suggest you get a universal knowledge that will help you solve any problems throughout life.

An effective method of Puzzle teaching (courses and training) allows you to isolate and to fill all the gaps in knowledge that each participant individually, and to systematize the knowledge that man has accumulated throughout his life.

When all the knowledge come together, they start to work, turn on the mechanism of solving life's problems.
Imagine that you bought a home appliances, such as TV. You brought it home, and it does not work because one part is broken, but you do not know - exactly what. As long as you do not specify what part is broken and will repair it, the TV does not work ... at this point it does not matter whether other parts are good, it is important that TV is on. But it works only as a system consisting of interconnected pieces - fragments. Individually the details are not working. And, increasingly, for the repair requires a specialist. And same with the knowledge!

Everyone lifetime accumulating a large stock of information, knowledge, and among them there is certainly false, poor quality, and because they can not use the other important skills that work only in the system.Also, to solve the vital problems and goals are missing some vital knowledge For example, in the school of mathematics, you have studied the action: how to add, subtract and divide, and "multiply" have not learned ... missed the explanation. Can you solve an equation with four actions? Of course not ... there is no one "link" in the knowledge and correct answer you can not get it.

Same in real life, if there is no only one "unit" - in "the puzzle" of knowledge, you can not get the desired result, to resolve the situation.
In other words, most people have no knowledge of the system.For it is necessary to obtain the missing knowledge, correct false (figuratively - repair all vital "part - of knowledge"). 2 days Training Course of Irina Klintukh "Guide to life" theurgy come true: the listener receives answers to 99% of your questions. Already during the lectures is in the process of healing and positive changes in the character and destiny of the students.

Human gets vital knowledge, the elixir of its kind, which come complete saturation, long-term satisfaction and also eliminates the need to search for other knowledge, as everything becomes very clear and understandable:

  1. Who is Human?
  4. And How to Go?

Courses and Trainings selected in such as way,that the person forms integrity of the system of knowledge to solve life's problems with maximum efficiency.

Main courses is a unique synthesis of the sacred knowledge of complementary psychology and ancient doctrines of world order, as well as different methods of improvement in the socio-adapted form that is understandable to anyone, regardless of age, gender, nationality and religion.

No spiritual development without improvement, as there is no recovery without development. If a person heals without improving his personal qualities, he gets a remission - a temporary derogation from the disease.

Our Center organized mobility - a modern form of learning allows courses in several cities.Communication between teachers and students based on the interaction through Skype and email. mail. Every learner has the opportunity to get a 15 minute consultation on Skype (by appointment), without charge.

Basic training is only "internally", and remotely web seminars on professional development. In the center you can get, in addition to training and consulting, has other services: diagnosis, conducting therapy sessions for photos, supply of books and textbooks, and others.

IRINA Klintukh - Creator of Holistic Psycho Ecological system rehabilitation and development. Klintukh Irina Ivanovna - candidate of sociological sciences, a psychologist, a coach, a mentor of the international level, a writer, journalist, author of courses, training in the field of human development, psychology and evolution. Author of the Puzzle System of teaching;
Expert of socially adapted methods of healing a man on psychoEKOlogichnost and compliance in the way of safety;
Founder of "Ecology of life";
Creator adapted system development (psychology theorems, universal formula), the training system intuitive psychological counseling and diagnostics, advanced training of specialists and managers in the field of rehabilitation and development.

The creator of the game and mental training, health and anti-stress meditation, consciousness-expanding and resource flows (financial, energy, time, Creative, Information). International Master in Indigenous Zoroastrianism (socially adapted Avestan system of healing and human development).

The founder of the environmental health of the method energocorrection "kosmoEKOenergetika" Progressor of this method,
Tibetan medicine specialist,
instructor-ioge Jain.

Author of books and textbooks on health and development, and social popular topics ("Secrets of wish fulfillment," "Everyone should know" and others).
Head of the Educational Development Center Mobile man "formula of life" (Moscow, 2015) Courses of Irina Klintukh formed on the basis of knowledge gained from personal experience, social education and training of teachers at the prestigious international fame.

Sources of Knowledge:
• Social (orthodox) psychology and psychoanalysis
• sociology
• ancient oriental psychology
• Tibetan medicine
• Doctrine Avesta (Zoroastrian)

Ethnic and other psychology passed individual training and received initiation:
• Ph.D. Ervada Ramiyara P.Karandzhiya (India, Mumbai, 2006) - Avestan development system
• ES Acharya Mahapragya (India, 2005) - Jain Yoga
• ES Acharya Kaylasanathananda Svamikal Tirthapad (India, 2005) - Indian Vedic Yoga
• EP Drupon Dzhorfela Sonam Rinpoche (India, Nepal, 2006) - Tibetan medicine (Diamond path to enlightenment)
• ES The Dalai Lama (2010) - initiation "Avalakiteshvara"
• courses on social extrasensory, energy-correction and others (2003)

Practices psihoEkologic social recovery methods:
• Puzzles improving knowledge transfer system (mental training and courses)
• Avestijsky development system (indigenous Zoroastrianism)
• Environmental energy-correction (kosmoEKOenergetiku)
• Ekoenergyclining

Expeditions and significant activity, activities:
• World March of Delhi (2005)
• Expedition to Tibet - the Holy Qur'an around Kailash (2006)
• International congresses on Preksha Meditation (India)
• The Institute of psychology and complementary technology research of human development (2009 - 2011 YG)
• The founder and organizer of the congress, "Love on different languages" and "Improving the technology of the 21st century" (2009 - 2011)
• Organizer and participant of multidimensional research of energy channels of social health method "kosmoEKOenergetika" (2010 - 2011 YG)
• creation of a complete system PsychoEKOlogic rehabilitation and development, the psychological course (training) "The formation of the whole person" - "Guide of Life." (2005)
• Creating a health-development center in Rostov-on-Don (2005), Krasnoyarsk (2009)
• Create a school development and teaching methods wellness "ecology of life"
• Center for Human Development "formula of life" (Moscow, 2015)

• Commemorative Medal "Andrew" in the name of St. Theodore Ushakov, Admiral of the Russian Navy (Russian public movement "Russian Orthodox")
• Honorary Gold Medal "For achievements in medicine"
And others.